A4-biennale gravure 2021 copie (1) (1).j

Why a biennial of engraving in Aiguillon in the Lot et Garonne?


For 30 years the Cultural Center of Aiguillon (CAM) has been organizing exhibitions and supporting visual artists. While in many large cities the French women engraving workshops disappeared in schools of Fine Arts, it seemed important to us to defend this ancestral art whose birth is linked to that of paper. We could also talk about the first monotypes (single impression) made on the walls of prehistoric caves ... Without going that far, we observe that engraving in all its diversity, is experiencing a resurgence of interest both with the public and with new designers who don't hesitate to experiment. This is the reason why we are pleased to invite you to this third International Biennial “Engravings and Prints”.

Of course, the engraving techniques are multiple and may require some effort of understanding, our teams of volunteers are there to give you explanations or invite you to view didactic documents. Anyway, engraving is first and foremost a work of art that you can contemplate, so don't hesitate to come and join us, the doors are open and admission is free. The whole CAM team is waiting for you.

IMPORTANT. This exhibition must comply with the health protocol in force: wearing a mask compulsory for everyone, social distancing, hand cleaning with hydroalcoholic gel for the safety of the public and volunteers.